Words are tricky, yet precious

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Helio responds to my “Fucking Complexities” piece, and ye verily, there was much expansion of nuance and critically relevant knowledge, and forthwith the learning commenced, collaboratively propelled by critically supported counter-views and disagreements delivered constructively and for the purposes of furthering religious dialog and exposition and bridge-building across interfaith and cross-cultural and language barriers, for respect mutually delivered and established is the canonical grace of growth necessary in a world lost to inanity and meandered misused outrage and offense fueled punches downward directed to silence and stagnate discourse. Clarity, it seems, and understanding, are ever enemies of those who would rather just shoot from the hip and marchingly stomp things they don’t like into non-existence. Let us form a shield-wall in defense of learning, in defense of understanding, for these are the things that we need to repair those things which are broken in our world.

Golden Trail

Word has come to me that my latest piece on Polytheist.com has generated a heated debate in several circles. This is not an unexpected result. The topic is sensitive, so addressing it would naturally be controversial in some way, and I wanted it to be thought-provoking, so it had to question popular notions and press a few hot buttons in modern polytheism – especially the most protest-oriented side of it. Of course, also unsurprisingly, while some have disagreed in a civil and well argued manner, others lashed out in ways that raise doubts over whether they understood the piece or even read it.

In reaction to that, Theanos, AKA the Anomalous Thracian, has written a brilliant blogpost where he addresses some of the most “curious” critiques (to put it mildly) and analyses the points where he disagrees with me. I highly recommend you read it. In fact, it’s so good…

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