#ThisIsWhyWeNeedPolytheism, VIII

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So this one time something like 75% of the clients I’ve ever done professional spiritual services to had previous oaths and commitments that they’d made to gods and/or spirits in a generic Neopagan or magical tradition background that they were a part of and did not recognize that sometimes those beings that they’re engaging with are genuinely real beings external to their minds and the collective human consciousness, with agency and agenda, and that binding oaths are, well, binding. And negotiations out of contracts can come at a steep price. 100% of them were emotionally devastated that the years invested in magical training and community circle-casting had not prepared them for real gods of real consequence, and that now they had all of these undeniable and unavoidable circumstances to deal with, thanks to deals struck in ignorance of the agencied state of the divine powers and spirits of our very well populated universe.

The blows are not merely emotional and personal but deeply social and communal, rippling through their lives in manners that bring about painful questions around past choices and present circumstances, and situations of every sort made upon a set of understandings that experience demonstrate for them did not hold up to the test of time. The questions raised in many cases are deeply personal and can only be answered by they themselves, based on real and lived relationships with the gods and spirits who call to and surround them.




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