#ThisIsWhyWeNeedPolytheism, IV

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

So this one time a professional scholar of philosophy and theology who earned a doctorate in the field provided freely and without charge — e.g. not in an academic text costing a prohibitive amount of money and intended only for other academics — a professionally written passage about a doctrinal statement universal to polytheism, and the rational implications therein with regard to definitive language regarding polytheist religious affirmations. This was done for the betterment not of ivory-towered scholars — the same scholars who disallow real polytheistic theologies to emerge credibly within their hallowed ivy-adorned halls of humanist masturbation — but as an offering to the greater and public discourse regarding these sacred and intrinsic matters of religious import. For his troubles the scholar was accused of capitalism and compared to an empire of expansive reductionism, and other related concepts and terms which made no sense in the context lobbed, and (in a relatively public forum) degraded for his efforts. He charitably responded with proper language and definition regarding the terms wrongly employed against him, still softening his rebuttals so as to allow the speaker a chance to regain footing and join the common cause of religious restorations and free sharing of rational knowledge, but instead was chastised again. A doctor of philosophy freely giving knowledge hard-earned and well-mastered “to the people” at large for no gain of any kind is assaulted for his kindness, by one who clearly would prefer that the learned experts retreat back to their caves and share nothing with the starving masses of a burning world.




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