#ThisIsWhyWeNeedPolytheism, III

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

So this one time a young person in Canada had a religious experience with a god of the sort which could not in any rational way be explained away or attributed to archetypes or meta-mythic structures or coincidence, and it unmade them for a little while because of how much it challenged the secular and non-theistic structures that they had been supplied by their society. They heard from a friend that others were having similar experiences and identity questions and calls to devotion so they signed onto the internet to seek these out, and found instead a humanist who had stolen the language of the devoted religious for the sake of converting them all to misunderstood psychological theory, while casting any who would not be swayed out as “nutters”, “crazies”, and “fundamentalists”. The young person faced the awkward decision of leaving these spaces even more confused and shaken than when they first turned there for answers, or being drawn into the seductively fiery troll-fights on the comments section, which masquerade (somehow) as religious discourse.



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