Doctrine Universal to Polytheism

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

The one and only thing that we can regard as a doctrine universal to Polytheism as such is the genuine existence of many Gods, and whatever we may, arguably and provisionally, infer from that single affirmation. Whatever does not follow from this single affirmation, however commonly held it should prove to be in this or that polytheistic tradition, cannot be said to be a property of polytheism as such. It is to be expected that careful thought will bring to light a number of further propositions following from the basic affirmation of the existence of many Gods, but not a very large number of such propositions. If one wishes to speak of matters beyond the scope of what can be inferred purely from the existence of many Gods, one must learn to speak from the ground of this or that particular polytheistic tradition, be satisfied with only so much authority as comes from that, and open to contestation from others who affiliate with that tradition.

Edward Butler, Ph.D, August 2015

  1. Where did he say/write this?

  2. Strange to see this was posted on the day of my birthday. I am slowly returning from where ever it was that I lost myself in.

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