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Posted: June 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have started an IndieGoGo fund-raiser to help with the costs of attending MANY GODS WEST in Olympia, WA next month, where I will be presenting on Regional Cultus (drawing primarily from a rather length article of mine which appears in the latest volume of Walking the Worlds Polytheist Journal). The thing is, I’ve had a recent and sudden interstate move, and unforeseen household medical expenses, which have me in a position of financial opposition in actually getting there (and being able to eat, when I do).

My fundraising goal is to cover travel and eating expenses, and I plan on sleeping in a staff freight elevator or at the bench by the smoking area outside, because that’s how shit gets done. In the event that there is any excess left over at the end, it will be donated immediately to the operational costs of the newly rebuilt POLYTHEIST.COM which just launched its new design this week!

Please feel free to share, and of course contribute if you can, to this! In addition to my lecture, I will be meeting with various-and-sundry from the community, and likely important conversations (on topics like community leadership, regional gatherings, ritual conferences and the like) so this is a big deal. Also, all contributors are invited to buy me a drink and/or a cigar in Olympia.

I will be autographing other people’s books with personalized messages and/or forged signatures in exchange for alcohol and meat while in attendance, and in general, looking forward to spending time with (and meeting) some of the Polytheist community I only ever get to engage with through a computer screen.

Thanks for your support!

Wee! This morning saw the launch of the newly rebuilt, which has been a long-time in the works. The entire site has been rebuilt with a new back-end platform, and a new host and database service provider has been selected.

In addition, this week is full of fun announcements, including this one from this morning:


As a new feature with the site, four times a year — Solstices and Equinoxes — will launch an open call for submissions from our communities. What we are looking for is proposals for articles or essays on subjects, topics, perspectives or challenges related to living and practicing Polytheist religions and spiritual traditions today. These will be reviewed and the selected proposals will have a deadline worked out with the author, for inclusion in our Featured Voices track on the site (which will gain increasing focus and centrality on the site).

There is room for some Featured Voices guest writers to shift over into a regular column track, but to start, one-off articles is the way to go. The intent here is to break out of the echo-chamber that sometimes takes hold with online media in niche communities: it’s sort of like open-mic night, except still regulated in a minimal way behind the scenes to ensure continuity of quality in the content put forth. Please message our Facebook Page for instructions on how to submit a proposal!

Many blessings and much respect to all in our communities.

Please contact us on Facebook or email ( at gmail dot com) for instructions on how to submit an article proposal!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another announcement at the site, regarding an upcoming featured column!