Religious Regard

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Just a mid-week quickie:

Polytheists do not merely acknowledge the reality of many gods, but further, we hold them in religious regard. As an Evangelical Christian author recently pointed out in an article somewhere less awesome than here, it is entirely possible to view the gods as real, and also not worship them, value them, or respect them in any way. He explained that “the polytheists are right: those gods are real”, but went on to say that they were wicked vile and inferior beings who represented more or less the worst of the world. It is therefore not enough to affirm the existence of the gods, but to hold them in religious regard: as Polytheists we worship the many gods, and hold them in pious praise. Whether we do this in the structure of informal household cultus or more formally within a structured tradition or regional cultus, it is our devotional religious regard for the many gods which defines us in this way.

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