Sometimes I speak for more than one

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sometimes people, perhaps validly, critique my writing tone or phrasing with the comment that it sounds as though I am speaking for more than just myself. This is perhaps a thing that I do.

There are a few reasons why this tone comes through in the way that it does (“arrogance” or “ego” are not amongst them) which I will not fully discuss, as not all of me is open for public consumption. However, this bit is:

When I am writing on a subject, such as trends in Polytheism, or when I am moderating comments on a message-board about religion that touch upon sensitive topics such as race or national identity, I don’t always trust my own tone or perception or “reading filter” on its own. So I take the things that I am writing, or reading, and I blast them off to people whose views and values I respect as being essentially different from my own, though grounded and embodied in their own right. I keep a rotating roster of such people, for the sake of keeping myself, my points, and my purposes honest and reflective of their core intents.

This should be encouraged, I think. It helps to soften the blow of ego’s hold on our views and passions, as both views and passions are vital but also easy targets for arrogant autoerotic asphyxiative fixations in what we read, write, do, say, think or feel.

I choose surround myself with people whose well-earned and fully lived views are encouraged and evoked to temper, challenge, and at times change my own.



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