Religions of Relation: Featured Voices

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Things continue to develop and grow over at, and this month saw the launch of “Featured Voices“, which is a portal to a rotating roster of guest contributors, special topics, and writers not part of our regular team of columnists, covering topics across a wide range of polytheist issues and considerations. The first such piece was one of my own, at the request of a half dozen or so valued voices, wherein I share some views around the essential relational quality of polytheisms.

In other news, everyone’s favorite initiated oracular raven — Gimbalhas a new weekly reading up, for the community! He performs ritual divinations and readings for the community every week, using a variety of methods and approaches. These last two called upon a multi-volume bibliomantic process, and include possible interpretations from his transcriber, with an invitation to the readers to share their own thoughts, feelings, reflections, or interpretations in the comments section.


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