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My latest is up at Witches and Pagans, wherein I address some “101” level ideas for crafting basic portable shrines and altars, for maintaing religious and ritual practices, devotions and observances even when you don’t have a wealth of private personal space to do it.

Meanwhile, is almost through its first month, and running strong! After a successful launch with ten columns in early September, new columnists have been added Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current team consists of:

Walking Through the Inhuman Hour — Julian. Betkowski

Noeseis — Edward Butler

Speaking of Syncretism — P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

The Gargarean — Markos Gage

The Web of Blessings — River Devora

Wyrd Ways — Galina Krasskova

Heart of Fire — Khi Armand

The Weekly Gimbal — Gimbal the Raven

The Goatskin — Conor O’Bryan Warren

Gods and Radicals — Rhyd Wildermuth

Hawthorne and Heather — Aine Llewellyn

Under This Infernal Sky — Amorella Moon

Primal Spirits — Grant Guindon

The Accidental Polytheist — Scott Rowe

Spirit and Stone — Tess Dawson

Kemet Today — Tamara Suida

Polytheist Parent — Niki Whiting

Ørgrandr Lokean — Dagulf Lopston

Behind the Walls — Michael Eldritch

Coming very soon we have a columnist joining us from the Pacific Northwest, another from inside the California State Corrections system (our second incarcerated columnist), a Floridian reconstruction-based polytheist, a Hermesian elf, and more!

In addition to our regular columns, long-term the site will be hosting irregular guest contributions from important voices and community supporters, as well as undertaking a printed version of its online content for distribution into the prison systems to serve incarcerated communities unable to access the internet and join our discussions and important proceedings directly.