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And now, for a special announcement.

Stay tuned later this Summer for the full release of a new community offering, brought to you by a whole fuckton of gods, more than a little bit of whiskey, and a slew of talented contributors, writers, lay leaders, theologians, clergy and devoted followers of Polytheistic traditions from far and wide.

The Conference was a rampant success. Stay tuned here in the next day or so for updates, responses, reflections, and an announcement or two from this humble Thracian.

Till then, a few odds and ends, before I’m off to find out how to fit all of my empty bottles into the recycling bin…

Morpheus Ravenna’s fund-raising campaign for her ground-breaking project, The Book of the Great Queen, is almost at its end. With less than 55 hours on the clock, we’ve come together and almost put together the rest of the funds to meet the project’s final stretch goals. Please please please help this happen.

And, for those who are waiting for replies from me in email or on Facebook, please be patient: I’m bad at this “internet” thing on a good day and I am exhausted. The next few days though will be fairly well dedicated to “getting shit like that done” as I clear my schedule and back-log for a few special projects.

A special shout-out to everyone who helped keep me smoking and drinking through the convention. A lovely bottle of Fecking Irish whiskey (and some delicious cigars) kept me upright and holding court today in the aftermath of the conference (thanks Duffi) and I had some tasty tasty cigars and some eagle-adorned bourbon out of the trunk of a car that was amongst the friendliest and most hospitable of parking-lot-social-times of the weekend.

And, lastly, I sincerely hope that I didn’t offend anyone in any lasting way at any point during the Conference. If I did, please contact me privately and I will do what I can to make it right. I am astounded by how drama-and-conflict free the entire weekend was, and feel blessed to have met so many fucktastically awesome people.

Be well, the fucking lot of you.

Onward! To whiskey!

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We’re four days away from the Polytheist Leadership Conference, wherein I will supposedly give a presentation on Regional Cultus in Contemporary Polytheism. And all I can say is: there had better be whiskey.

…because I haven’t really slept in two weeks, as I’ve been doing non-stop care of the 28 Miracles and in near constant dialog with my god Sabazios — and other closely related deities and spirits — in response to this unexpected shift. As I said before, this shit is game-changing. But more on that later.

At the Conference I will be, at some point or another, announcing two or three important and new things. The circle(s) of folks who are “in” on any one of those things is very small, and those people should take this moment to silently gloat and feel very important. If you also want to feel important, you should attend the Conference, buy me a drink, and attempt to get me to spill the beans with plied alcohol offerings (or really fine cigars — I like them dark and complicated, and expensive) prior to my announcements. Barring that, you should STILL come to the Conference, because the announcements will be made there before they are made anywhere else, and so you can feel special for hearing that shit right there at ground zero. Like special pre-release trailers for hit films shown at comic-book conventions before they officially air. (Sadly, there will be no video accompaniment with my announcements.)

Otherwise, though, stay tuned here in the next week or two for those announcements made more publicly and in elaborated form.

Also at the conference, my House will be offering several options of divination (including work with a living oracular raven*), possibly some of our healing rites, and private spiritual consultation as scheduling allows. Donations from these and any other offerings (stay tuned) will be divided between care of the 28 Miracles of Sabazios and a suitable charity or two (to be announced).

Because fuck yeah.

It’s a damn fine time to be a Polytheist.




* A perfectly legal, domestically captive bred non-native species of raven, which is not impacted by the federal laws prohibiting the ownership of or contact with migratory birds.

Hail, Sabazios! Hail, the Twenty-Eight Joys!