Book of the Great Queen

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

About 72 hours ago, Morpheus Ravenna launched the fund-raiser for her upcoming tome, The Book of the Great Queen. I am fucking stoked beyond belief for this project, and I am excited as shit to see how much support the communities have shown for Morpheus, and how much devotion is being demonstrated to the Queen Herself.

While I’m not involved in the book project myself, I have consulted with Morpheus off and on to help in small ways as she got to this point of its development. I have done ritual and made offerings here in New York — with the assistance of another priest and my raven — to support and celebrate the fuck out of this launch.

And now I’m writing about it here. Why? She’s already reached her initial goals — but there is so much more room for AWESOME FUCKING THINGS. As it stands, enough money has been made to produce the book. And it will be fucking GLORIOUS.

The Stretch Goals are fucking astoundingly cool. The first one reads as follows:


$2000 (Campaign total $9,500.00)

When we meet this goal, we’ll be able to commission original artwork to illustrate the book, making it an even more beautiful work of art!

We’re working with accomplished esoteric artist Valerie Herron, whose work has been featured on the Wild Hunt and Coru Priesthood home pages.

The second one is even MORE FUCKING AMAZING:


[Cost details for this goal coming soon!]

Perhaps you’ve read the powerful, enchanting poems of the Morrigan, translated into English. Perhaps you’ve seen the original Old Irish text. But few people living have had the opportunity to hear the poems spoken aloud as vocal ritual incantations – the native form for which they were composed in ancient times. NOW YOU WILL.

When we meet this goal, we’ll be able to create a gorgeous, professional studio recording of the poems of the Morrigan, spoken aloud as an enchanting vocal incantation, in both the original Old Irish, as well as the English translations. We’ll also include a couple of beautiful devotional chants and songs in Irish and Gaulish, never before recorded!

Once we hit the funding level for this stretch goal, these unique and unprecedented recordings will be made available as a digital download to ALL PROJECT BACKERS at the $20 level and above. So let’s make this happen!


I am plugging this because it is a project that I believe in. (And if somebody wants to throw $350 toward the cause, and then gift me the exclusive ultra-rare hardback hand-bound artisan copy of the book that they score in this doing, I uh, would not complain. At all.)

Books like this are a rare and beautiful thing, and I am anxiously awaiting its release. Let’s all see how much more awesome we can make that release be, yeah? Community! Fuck yeah!
Stay tuned for more writing in three next thee or four days, as I crawl out of a full season of illness and continued household settling. 

  1. While I am helping with this in other ways (and suspect I may also be useful in further other ways, too!), I do hope that I might also be able to help financially in the not-too-distant future, too. We shall see…

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