Sober Scheme Rising

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, it has come to my attention that a certain confederacy of Polytheists has devised a cunning scheme for mid July. Rhyd and Julian apparently want to somehow “get me sober“. I plan to accept this challenge (is it a challenge..?) and win by drinking prolifically throughout the event. However, for this to happen, Rhyd has to be able to make it to New York. With that in mind, I issue a challenge of my own:

I will develop and accept the conditions of a drinking game whose rules and protocols are developed based upon donations made to Rhyd’s “GTFTNY” (getthefucktonewyork) adventure fund. For every $33.33 donation made to Rhyd’s cause, I will take on one drinking-game-parameter (such as “take a drink whenever somebody says Humanist” or “Finish your drink whenever somebody says John Fucking Beckett”). Some levels of feasibility must apply (e.g. I can’t drink out of a giraffe’s skull if I don’t have a giraffe’s skull, etc) and some level of accommodation must be hashed out. Each condition/parameter will be valid for one full day of the conference the donator’s choosing, and somebody (not me) will be keeping track. I sort of feel like there is even a way to turn this into a Bingo game. If anybody donates Rhyd’s full financial needs as a result of this post, I will totally develop a Bingo game to accompany these shenanigans.

What are you waiting for? Donate to Rhyd’s trip, and to the destruction of my liver. It’ll be fucking awesome.


  1. I imagine the most obvious choice would be “Drink anytime someone says ‘Thracian’.”

  2. I like both of these ideas. Also, “drink every time you think about drinking” is a good one. And also, “drink every time you think you should stop drinking”.

  3. […] My Thracian Adversary has proposed a drinking game at the Polytheist Leadership Conference: […]

  4. dunkelza says:

    Done. Take a shot every time someone says “fuck” in your presence. I’m pretty sure you know where to find people who will keep you quite drunk. 🙂

    BTW, IndieGogo wouldn’t let me do $33.33, it kept rounding down. So, I rounded up.

  5. […] telling you all of this? Well, ladies, it’s because I think it would be really sexy if you contributed to the cause of getting Rhyd Wildermuth to the Polytheist Leadership Conference so that he can discuss how […]

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