Still alive!

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Readers:

I am still alive!

I moved into this new house in New York in March, and have been busy setting up my home, settling the animals in, rebuilding the shrines in a dedicated shrine-room, traveling to California, traveling to Massachusetts, and finally receiving a new (human, corporeal) House member! This newcomer brings a lifetime’s worth of experience and training in healing arts and esotericism, and has begun a deep and profound dedicated devotional relationship with the Thracian powers.

“Busy” has been the word of the season, so far! I have several (major, big, of-vital-importance) projects underway, all secretive like, which have been taking a lot of my time. I’ve begun seeing clients again, working on private writing projects and renewed research, and am beginning to get to know the land I’m not living in a little bit better. (And figuring out cost effective ways to erect privacy fencing to keep nosey neighbors out of my ritual affairs.)

The Summer approaches, and I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the Polytheist Leadership Conference here in New York! Stay tuned for actual blog writing and article sharing, in the short while that follows!

If I owe you an email, please drop me a note or nudge reminding me in private email, because I have been juggling a whole lot of things and in the midst of rebuilding the shrines (to over six pantheons of gods and spirits…) and continuing my own devotions, I have not stopped being available as a resource, diviner, medium, and priest to my community or clients… which is to say, time and focus and spoons and things? Not packing a surplus of those, right now.

I am not a very on-task correspondent in the first place, when it comes to email: I dislike email pretty prolifically, and I am not a “computer person” anymore. I maintain a space on Facebook (which, incidentally, is the best way to keep in regular quick contact with me if you’re non-local) and specifically do not use other social networking sites. My being tardy or absent with email replies is never a personal thing: I am a spirit-worker, full-time, and I spend more time interacting with and in communion through spiritual and theistic channels than through electronic or even interpersonal human means. Literally.

I hope everyone’s doing fucking great. Also, please help fly Rhyd to New York so that I can get  him drunk. I promise to post a video of it here.



  1. Nearly everyone I know have been overloaded with busyness and having difficulty keeping in contact. Seems to be a real year of change.

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