Smoke and Hailshowers

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Back in New England briefly, mobile once more, for equinox tattoo rites and some lighter moving of ritual supplies and antique furniture back to New York. Drove way too many miles today; was on the road for most of the last 12-13 hours… Smoked a cigar in a New Hampshire hailstorm and praised my gods in snow fall. Spring arises, but the reach of Winter is long and its grip firm.

Dreams of torchlit Temples and new beginnings and raven’s wings were the stuff of my coiled serpentine evening, and warm time spent on the road with blessed ally my day.

Its a damn fine Night to be a Polytheist.

  1. Duffi says:

    May the drive home be safe; may you arrive as whole as you left (better, even!); may your settling be as soft & joyous as that of a dove’s at night. May They bless you with a slow & thorough healing.

  2. I hope your journeys have been peaceful and without difficulty, and filled with as many blessings and every assistance that our gods and your ancestors can provide you!

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