A Thracian Re-Housed

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Brief update here, from this latest leg of the grand Exodus:

In the wake of PantheaCon 2014, I embarked on the next big chapter in this mad game, and moved into a beautiful two-story home in the Empire State’s Hudson Valley. The home was built in 1880, and the spirits here seem to like me so far; my first act was to pour them some whiskey (which was left for me by the owner as a house-warming gift). A dedicant priest of the Morrigan from the S.F. Bay Area polytheist group, the Coru Cathobodua, flew out in the first days of March to assist me in the mad move out of several storage locations in the Northshore of Massachusetts. We loaded up my van (which has been my home and crucible for these long, cold months of exile..!) and a 26ft UHaul truck with my Temple holdings, ritual supplies, shrines — boxes and boxes and boxes of shrines! — and the stacks of big, heavy enclosures for my Temple’s oracular serpents. And five thousand pounds of books.

The drive (a mere 200 miles) was exhausting but handled safely, and my kinsman was able to stick around a few days to help me unload the vehicles into the home, before flying home. For his troubles — the second time he has helped me with such transcontinental maneuverings! — he will be formally recognized with titular honorific in my House.

My first order of business was to get the stressed critters — my beloved serpents and my frazzled raven — safely housed and stabilized. That went without issue, although those cages are a real pain to move.

The second order was to establish my shrine-room and begin to unpack my gods, my spirits, and their things — Their homes, Their tools, Their toys! — into a new space, which is dedicated exclusively to this. (Stay tuned for an upcoming article on dedicated sacred space, and shrine rooms versus temples!) This took a solid day to prepare the space, and another full day per family/pantheon of spirits. That, for anyone who doesn’t already know me and my practices, is a lot of days. The process is still ongoing (two major shrine spaces are still housed in the master bedroom, until Their spaces are fully established in the now mostly complete shrine room.)

I am road weary, injured, physically depleted and biologically fatigued. I am spiritually and energetically fucking cleansed and cleared and purified and lifted and enstrengthened by the bastioned and bellowed fires that rise up and through me by the act of rebuilding these shrines, and sitting with the holy power of my gods and spirits in humble, broken, dirtied wonder.

It’s a damn good day to be a polytheist.

  1. So glad to hear it!

    I was going to try and contact you in the last few days, but figured you were well-deep into things, so the more time you had to yourself, your house, your critters and your Deities, the better.

    Perhaps this weekend we can speak, though! I look forward to it!

  2. Duffi says:

    Most excellent to have you back in ambit !
    Yes, that IS a lot of days.
    May your strengthened spirit continue to thrive! May your worn- out body start to heal.
    Love. & blessings to you, the snakes, & the beloved Raven!

  3. bearfairie says:

    So very glad ♡. Heaps of blessings on your new home.

  4. agriakosos says:

    …does this mean the exodus is over? 🙂
    Dele Mezenai!

  5. sisterkrissy says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your take on shrine room versus temple. We have a dedicated room in our home that we just called the “temple room” but maybe I will be compelled to change my terminology!

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