Post-PantheaCon: TWO-POINT-FIVE: a bonus round!

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Other highlights from Friday evening include, but are not limited to:

– Walking two dear loved ones — one newly met and one well known — toward their exit from the Double Tree, and helping one of them ground following an ecstatic ritual. I have found that a useful way to help return awareness to the process of energetic and conscious grounding is to not only help press a person back into this world through their feet, physically, but also ask them to breathe their awareness to their toes: “How many toes are you aware of having, right now? No, not how many do you have.. how many are you aware of?” From three toes to six toes in a few minutes is not a bad coming back process. Also, I was pretty drunk. Toes? Really?

– A fantastic conversation with PSVL by the elevators, which somehow led to my being handed a box that might have contained a puppy.

– Two beautiful men — the ever stylish Orion and Sethlan Foxwood — then joined the mix, several yards away from the elevators, and in some completely delirious state of intoxication and glee I somehow managed to acquire a completely fabulous wide-brimmed hat. Apparently I was so contentedly drunk at this point that I kept forgetting, mid-conversation, that I was wearing said hat… and freaking out about it. Also, I still had a box that still might have had a puppy in it, which I’m pretty sure I talked about excessively with both of them. (The next day, Orion lovingly described my antics as “absolutely adorable”, and Sethlan assured me that “you don’t ever need to apologize for being so drunk you delighted in sharing a flask of fantastic rum with me”.)

– With puppy-box and black-hat I marched back up to the second-floor and shared the bounty of the box with the assembled Coru-and-Family. (It turns out that the puppy was dinner, and the dinner was rare and meaty, and probably said “moo” a bunch in life, but it was passed around and devoured heartily and savagely by the assembled war band.) Because obviously the Coru needs to be linked to eating puppy flesh now, after all that business with the once-neighing offerings in Canada…

I may have had a whole lot to drink on Friday, and certainly the sequence of events becomes slightly blurred — wait, where did this hat come from?! — in some areas, but I promise these are mostly reliable accounts of the events. Probably….

  1. bearfairie says:

    …and then there was the part Friday night where we abruptly found ourselves needing to get out of the hospitality hall, and leaped into the Sisters of Avalon suite. They fed you cookies while trying to convince me that I should breastfeed my child while they surround me singing goddess chants. I was…alarmed. how is it that when I spend time with you, I suddenly find my life transformed into a cartoon? 🙂

    • Oh fuck I totally forgot about that! Yes, that was epic. (I didn’t eat cookies, I ate a clementine. Bad nutritionalist, not seeing my eating of healthy things and practicing positive reinforcement!) I still fucking *love* that it was the Sisters of Avalon that we wound up leaping blindly in with. That was delightful. And very much a cartoon. An awesome cartoon. (Also I’m pretty sure that I was drinking a bottle of whiskey at that point of the day, in their hospitality suite. That maybe was bad form?

    • That’s a hospitality suite I’ve been meaning to hit for years, but haven’t yet been able to. Alas…I was in more of them this year than any other year, but I still haven’t managed to make theirs. Oh well…

  2. Duffi says:

    Oh to have seen you & Orion & Sethlin all at once! The beauty! There would be nothing left of me but confetti.

  3. I’m pretty sure I only have 9 toes. I don’t know if I am still in the other world from dancing with the jinn or if I just woke up…… Let me have coffee and I will count again……… Being a very watery person, dancing with fire spirits, being grounded by a drunken Thracian….. that explains the dreams o.O

  4. […] (not unlike Schredinger’s cat), and a tall witch’s hat, which you can read more about here. Then, at last I headed back to the Fairfield for a well-earned (but not easily-obtained) rest, […]

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