Why I wish Humanist Pagans would stop assaulting and dismissing Polytheist views

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

…Humanist Pagans, whether they’re Jungian based in their approach to mythic and mystic and transcendent themes or not, potentially have a lot to offer the “big umbrella” of Paganism, and even to Polytheists and Polytheist communities. Because holy shit: both Pagans and Polytheists, big tent or small tent or purple Thracian van, are fucking human beings who are possessing of things like subconscious impulse and emotional trauma and questions of speculative self-worth or place in the grand scheme of things and they all totally fall into patterns of behavior in their lives which can be served by an understanding (or the guidance from a group whose spiritual focus is within the pursuit of understanding) of Human-centric issues and schemas, whether these are archetypal or purely psychological or LSD-induced transcendent or meditative or fucking Tantrically engulfed or otherwise. For fuck’s sake, we’re a set of communities made up primarily of humans. So, a set of practices or beliefs or pursuits that focus specifically on those human elements? That’s pretty fucking important.

I really wish that Humanists would stop trying to steal language from Polytheists or shuffle them under the rug of the Big Tent and refocus their efforts on, oh I don’t know, talking about Humanism. Not Polytheism. Work with archetypes? Cool, that’s awesome, SO DO I. You know what would be really fucking cool? If Archetypalist Pagans started sharing their ideas and experiences of archetypes using language that clearly delineates the archetypal quality of their work, and then published that shit for the community to read, because holy fuck that would be potentially helpful for folks who maybe only have experience working with external agencies (e.g. gods, spirits) and are less familiar (or even comfortable) addressing the internal human elements.

But that cannot be done if they keep trying to compare their approach to Polytheism, or if they keep trying to eliminate the difference between these two (well, really, far more than two) things.

One can be an archetypalist AND a Polytheist, by acknowledging both the existence of unconscious inner archetypes (I don’t know any Polytheist who doesn’t understand these things…) and the presence of external agents.

If people focused on doing their own jobs and not fucking shitting all over somebody else’s, that’d be super fucking cool.

Also, while on the subject, Nature-Centric-Pagans: please talk to us more about Nature-centered Paganism. I don’t know any Archetypalists or Polytheists who would ever posit an argument against the sacredness of Nature, or its various organisms and systems, either ecologically or animistically or otherwise. We might suck at certain areas of it, but hey, guess what? That’s why we have you. Well, that’s why we’re supposed to have you. Step it up.

And fellow Polytheists? Good on you. Keep fucking doing that external-gods pious-and-proper devotion thing, because fuck, with all these folks focused on Humans and Nature, SOMEBODY has to account for the gods and spirits and fucking incorporeal dolphins that beach themselves on Thracian Temple floors for months on end.


Have I missed anyone? Probably. And for that I am sorry. I totally probably dismissed and marginalized some people or groups here — I own that, legitimately, without sarcasm — and that was not my intent. I am frustrated. I am uncaffeinated. I am without whiskey. I am physically injured and there is a creepy child staring at me from across the way in this public place. I really, really didn’t mean to be a dick this time. To anyone. (Well, maybe to you, but you don’t count. See? That was funny. I can be funny. Everyone things I’m stoic and humorless but that’s fucking balls, I totally have a sense of humor.) Severity aside, seriously folks: different focuses exist so that a higher quantity of work can be accomplished. If everyone in the world was an automotive engineer, who would make my jetpack or my coffee or my safe-and-healthy-holistic cat food? Who would yell at me when I perform my own surgeries and guilt me into letting them use actual medical training (as opposed to shit-I-made-up-in-the-woods-with-a-knife-and-some-liquor-and-a-fire) to fix my wounds? We need doctors and barristas and cat-food specialists and fucking jet-pack engineers in addition to automotive techs. So fuck. Stop yelling at other people’s jobs just because they are not your job, or if you’re really that insecure about your job, fucking quit that shit and burn the building down and become a professional arsonist or a dog trainer or a dinosaur special-effects specialist in Hollywood or a porn star or a banker or a douchey baker or for fuck’s sake just shut up and play with yourself quietly in the corner.

Also, I actually really love people. I know that doesn’t get communicated often in a clear way. I appreciate humans in all of their diverse forms, especially when those forms or sentiments or platforms of belief and engagement are contrary to my own, because I am always learning from engaging with you all or talking at you all or observing you all or listening to you all and especially drinking with you all (because most people pass out before I do, and that means I can go through their wallets and pockets to find out more about them.) So in case you’re sitting there thinking, “Wow, this Thracian asshole really hates people” or “Holy crap, this dude hates ME”, or “Wow, that guy really needs more hugs in his life”, please know that I don’t in fact hate humans, I probably don’t hate you, but I am totally down for more hugs because really, who gets enough genuine sincere actual hugs in this world? Also whiskey, I’m always looking for more whiskey.
The end.

  1. bearfairie says:

    I love you.

    I have nothing else of substance to add.

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  3. Yep.

    [I am sad I didn’t see this until after finishing my own post a few moments ago.]

  4. Rose says:

    I suspect you are gaining more and more groupies with each galactically fantastic post, Sir. 😉

    • Oh dear. Groupies? That makes me nervous.

      But thank you for your kindness and for continuing to read!

      • Rose says:

        Okay, poor term, I confess. Don’t be nervous. *passes glass of whiskey across the ‘net* Hopefully, once my comment on Corvus Cardia’s post is approved, you’ll have a better sense of my nature. Lacking any cigars, I’ll go smoke one of my cigarettes after consuming some horrible frozen food I kicked from my freezer.

        • *whiskey!* Thanks 😉

          I’ll be perched on a roof here soon with tonight’s cigar and a bottle of whiskey. I agreed to a slightly unspoken “no hard liquor indoors” clause in my current hospitality kick, but I see no harm in drinking on a rooftop with a cigar….

          • Rose says:

            Enjoy your whiskey and cigar under the stars. I shall enjoy my cigarette with some juice on the rocks with a furry creature purring upon my lap. I fear my whiskey days are over, with the exception of a libation here and there as required… although herbal remedies are not unheard of under this roof. Cheers!

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