Polytheist Leadership Conflagration

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Guess what, motherfuckers? That’s right, we’re organizing, gathering, and setting shit on fire. (Or at least we will br if I’m still invited.) After some great conversations during a recent visit, Sannion and Galina have moved ahead with a Polytheist Leadership Conference and you better believe that I’ll be there, thraking shit up with a bottle of Scotch and a godsdamned raven. And probably some snakes. Tons of fucking snakes. Because fuck. Yes.

At the end of 2013 a lot of us were feeling shell-shocked from a year of near constant verbal warfare. While conflict is nothing new to our respective religious communities what really stood out was the intensity and viciousness that had crept into our attempts at intrafaith dialogue. Theology, ethics and ritual practice clearly divided us – though where these fault-lines formed often proved surprising. Friendships were tested and strange alliances formed from unlikely places.

2013 was fucking weird when it came to drama, hate-speech-against-polytheists, and so forth. It saw the rise-and-fall of many mini-conflicts and all-0ut flame-wars, and all the while I was there saying “Fuck yeah!” because damnit, this is how change happens.

And change is good. Right? Change is sort of the prerequisite for a thing to be considered progressive, yeah? So fuck all the detractors who toss around claims of conservative ideology when attacking polytheists; as a movement of religions, traditions and lineages we are the most progressive thing minority faith has going for it, in that polytheists are actively calling for a fucking Change. None of that watered-down one-sizes-fits-all, faux-tolerance bullshit. To fuck with that tired trite crap. This is how structures get formed, and the fucking need for structures gets highlighted beyond any fucking wisp of doubt. Static structures wearing the mask of inclusivity to hide the ugly face of bigotry and revulsion and fearmongering douchmuffinry may not burn in the rising of our voices, but we may well raze them with the fires of something very, very old, remembered anew: polytheism, truly lived religion, and a pious dedication to and submersion within the reality of our fucking gods.

“No true progress can be made until we’re willing to meet face to face and work things out in real time. And the things that we’re interested in working out are the meaty issues we so rarely get to because we’re having to defend obvious foundational things online.”

It is a damn good time to be a polytheist.

  1. If all goes well, not only will I be attending, but I might even have two students from the college coming along as well…because, hey, that’s also how change happens, i.e. getting younger people involved in it directly on the front lines. 😉

    • And, I should add: and if they do attend, they might be doing so because the college is paying for it (and always likes things called “leadership conferences” to send students to!). Not bad, eh? 😉

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