Explained Absence

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I dropped off the map– sorry for that! I traveled to attend a very powerful ritual a week or so ago, and that led to some much needed recovery/integration time, and also I had no regular computer access, because I am a van-dwelling nomadic vagrant. I still don’t. (I just found out that my Macbook Pro is considered a “vintage system” by Apple, and they will not fix it.) I’ve done my best to keep up with emails, Facebook, and so forth from my phone, but it has a cracked screen and it draws blood when I try to type too much on it. Also the battery is constantly dead, won’t take a charge through AC power. (But I can apparently get a new one from Verizon for $0.99, or upgrade for a hundred bucks or so.)

Ahem. So yes.

Also, it was so cold in the van this morning that when I spilled hot coffee all over myself, I stared with bleary-eyed disbelief as it literally froze solid on the steel track for my van’s hydraulic captain’s chair. (Seriously. How cold does steel need to be to instantly freeze *scalding* coffee?)

However, both my raven and I are weathering things in a survivory sort of fashion (which is to say we’re alive and fire is awesome) and I’m hoping to see a bunch of you fuckers at PantheaCon next month. (Gimbal will be with a babysitter, unfortunately. Maybe I can set up a Skype with him.)

Stay tuned for some bloggy writing tonight, as I commandeer this office computer and drink a small business owner’s beer.

  1. tanishal says:

    My fiance lived in a pick up truck, and was amazed at how much heat he got from just a tiny tealight candle. He just burned one each night in a safe location.
    Stay warm.

    • Thanks! And yes; I’ve got bags of tealights, and my bedding/camping gear is coded for deep-freeze climates. I keep the cab curtained off from the living space in the van, so I’m never heating both at once; I was warm enough in my bedding, but *freezing* once I was in the front again.

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