Interdependence, Nature, and the Gods

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Rhyd Wildermuth for this gem:

“Failure to acknowledge this shared web of existence leads to all sorts of thinking which causes harm to others.  It is perfectly fine for me to tell myself that I am completely independent of all other humans, but I am wrong, and would find this out immediately if I were to cross a street and get hit by a car….

…Humans are part of nature.  We are made of the same material as other animals.  We live and decompose, just like other beings.  To imagine Nature without humans is quite like attempting to imagine Nature without ferns, or wolves, or trees.”

Eat it up, folks. Much as everyone — and I mean everyone — will nod along to every godsdamned word of this and be like “yeah, obviously”, the fact is that almost nobody keeps this shit in mind in their daily lives (especially when writing shit on the internet). Perspective, bitches. It’s a thing. (At least, I hope it is still a thing. Perspective is still a thing, yeah?) Now go read the whole thing.

via Interdependence, Nature, and the Gods.


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