Gods Without Us

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Wherein Rhyd writes some awesome, vulnerable, humble, eloquent stuff, and is still accused of being a condescending ass, and basically I am sharing this because the comments and conversations that follow are astoundingly insightful and I feel that this is a great example of why we blog at all. While Sannion has proposed shutting off comments to deny the flame-trolls a platform of assault, I can’t help but think that the loss of dialog like this — even disagreeing dialog — is essential to what we’re about. I honestly don’t know, though. Maybe Sannion is right. Maybe he is only right if one’s comments sections are besieged by the Tumblr Teen trollmonsters? Or maybe we’re all wrong to be using the internet for this shit at all.

I don’t know…

Because I haven’t started drinking yet.

(Knowledge comes later. Now comes fumbling attempts at consciousness and corvidcare, as my raven kiddo is feeling playful today and I accidentally slept through the entire morning and feel somewhat sheepish for such, as I’m currently sharing two-bedroom apartment with six females who had to deal with me in varying states of undress unconscious on a couch in front of the only reliable source of entertainment and calm in the home — the television. Oops. Thankfully, whiskey.)

On to awesome:

“But, um, also–look folks.  It’s also not okay.  Getting upset at someone who appears to be more devoted than you and is struggling like crazy to understand the gods is actually kinda shitty, because they sort of could use our support.  I’m sorry if my worship of my gods and my attempts to do what Arianrhod wants seems offensive to you, but actually, I don’t really have much time for that.  That someone like Morpheus Ravenna takes the time out of what she’s doing to try to help people have closer relationships with the gods and then gets attacked for her offering to the rest of us is actually really sad.”

via Gods Without Us.


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