the noble and pious road

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sannion shares some elevatory insights following the latest debacle with the Tumblr Kids, and I’m in full favor of this. The path of an Orphic is after all the path of descent into the Underworld (sometimes literally, sometimes proverbially, sometimes Theatrically, and sometimes Tumblr) in order to gain the insights and wisdoms and fucking badass Titanscars to climb to higher heights in one’s own titanismic spiritual path, which is to say, the path of living-and-dying-and-living again in order to, through these cycles, become bigger, better, bolder, to become more worthy of the blessings of the gods upon us all.

And so I applaud him.

You have shown how fiercely we cling to our excuses and weaknesses.

Just this brief brush with your world has filled me with contempt and revulsion, deepening my longing to immerse myself in ritual and other forms of worship as a corrective.

Just by being yourselves you have shown me everything I loathe and hope never to become – and which I fear that I was. Without your intervention I could have stumbled down the wrong path – the path that creates people like you. Instead I will choose the noble and pious road, no matter how hard and strewn with obstacles it is.

As I create myself through my continuous choices I will now have something to weigh my options against.

Is this what they would do?

(emphasis mine)

What is being spoken of here is a thing that I have referred to in Thracian spiritual technology as the tension of hesitation on the threshold of choice, or more simply put, the necessity of tension and torque in all things. Without obstacles and adversaries — or obtrusive ideas which contrast as hurdles to your own — one cannot move in any direction at all, for all direction is informed by that which opposes it. Our enemies are but landmarks that we blow up against and split in twain as we pass through and leave a bloodsauna of corpses and lacerated miscreant misunderstandings and misused ideas and movements wronghearted to their core in our wake.

And so I reiterate a thing that I’ve said before in each conflict that embraces my corner of polytheistic movement and development, which good sir Sannion echoes so nobly here: thank you, adversaries, for your opposition. You define my landscape, and as I pass through you and your weaknesses of mind or heart — as I define these things, at least — I will be sure to honor those who helped to form you into your perfect state of imperfection to oppose my own imperfect (but better aimed, engineered and calibrated) trajectory of devotion, teaching, and ritual service.


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