“Worlding the gods; worlding the Other”

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

For your reading pleasure:

Worlding the gods and spirits into our lives has more benefits than merely personal enlightenment.  Acknowledging our mutual relationships to them and the places they inhabit gives us a new (and yet very ancient) language with which to understand our relationship to place and community.  When we stopped worlding the Other into the earth, we lost more than just magic.  We lost our ability to comprehend whole realms of experience.

Rhyd Wildermuth, “A Sense of Place”, Patheos.

Another great piece from a “leftist-punk bard” I’ve come to deeply enjoy the musings of, whose voice I think is an added bonus and bit of silver lining to the ending months of this awkward year. If you’re not already following him, do so at Patheos and at his WordPress hub, Paganarch.


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