Thracians, Thracians, everywhere…

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thracian druids, Orphic Aion, and Lady Gaga all feature in PSVL’s latest, much of which I had a sneak-peak of as we rampantly discussed the first two items (and I in fact turned em on to “Da Vinci’s Demons” with its “Sons of Mithras” plot!). I was debating writing around these as well (and may still!), but pop-culture is probably never a thing whose commentary should be left in my hands, as I am the sort of person who needed to spend an hour looking up who the fuck Miley Cyrus was after she broke the internet at the VMA or whatever. Anyway, enough from me. I give you the illustrious P. Sufenas Virius Lupus!

In any case, I go back and forth on these matters: are we in a position to have the “no publicity is bad publicity” on some of these things, or are we in the position of “just wait until some 19-year old claims to be following an ancient secret Thracian druid tradition that was handed down by the Sons of Mithras to Lady GaGa, who is a secret Freemason, and we’ll have to school them on how wrong they are”? It could very easily go either way, depending on how intelligent someone encountering these matters happens to be. Time will tell, I suspect…

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Aedicula Antinoi: A Small Shrine of Antinous

I was excited while watching Da Vinci’s Demons, at least in the beginning. And then I was a little bit baffled by the Orphic funerary passports being attributed in spoken form to a Renaissance Mithras cultus in Florence run by an enigmatic psychotropic-wielding Turk, with zero mention of the Orphic or Titanic implications of the passage (which is basically just a code-phrase to denote membership, from what I have seen). I’m in staunch favor of Mithraic cultic developments (in media and otherwise!) as He is a favored foreign god in my House, and similarly I have obvious vested interested in Orphic stuff continuing to rock on out. And a blend of the two is actually both syncretically sensible and kind of fucking cool. But not if they’re ignorantly blended with no commentary on this, in a way that misleads or confuses an audience with deliberate misinformation. Just pick one, or if you fucking need both for your plot to be snazzy and poetic, write both of them in, rather than just bending and folding one to fit inside the other.


But the masquerade sex scene was awesome.

  1. Yes it was, wasn’t it? (And I’m not a huge fan of most Starz Original Series sex scenes, no matter who is doing them…) I think the female lead looked a bit better with the mask on, which isn’t to say she’s not attractive without it, it just is one of those effects of masks that they can serve to highlight certain features in an unexpected and often fascinating fashion. 😉

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