You Probably Think This Post Is About You…

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

A great entry by PSVL following a great conversation that we had on the phone last night, whilst I rested up with a case of cool ale after hours of ritual tattoo process and feeding my gods and whatnot.

Identifying — for yourself, at the very least, in a silent way — who your intended audience is with a blog, journal, column, or individual essay is important. Sometimes it is useful to write in who that audience is — e.g. “I am writing this for people without an established polytheistic process, tradition or structure, but who are nonetheless now finding themselves navigating experiential polytheism with no context” — while other times it may be less so, or can feel exclusionary (even if it is) or elitist (even if it isn’t) and exclusionary isn’t always good.

It is just as much the reader’s responsibility to recognize, as PSVL points out, that not everything is written for ME (e.g. them), and maybe we should begin learning how to read (and react or reply or reblog…) without filtering everything through the “OH HOW DOES THIS APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO ME IN THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL KINGDOM OF ME?!?!”

And now, coffee. And then several days of depth ritual on the holiest of days (Nights, really) in my tradition…

  1. Petros says:

    Can you expand upon what you called “ritual tattoo process” or send me a link to a previous post regarding it? You’ve piqued my interest. A case of ale? Alone? You are indeed a mighty one! I couldn’t even finish my bottle of mead. I’m blaming my cold.

    • All of my tattoos are devotional, ritual, or magical in nature. All of my tattoo artists have been selected due to ritual and/or devotional parameters; two of the three have a special focus on ritual and magical tattoos. In Massachusetts, Mulysa Mayhem, owner and artist of Good Mojo Tattoos (in Beverly, MA), is my Hekatean-Tattoo-Ritual-Guru extraordinaire, who has a long history of working on ritual and magical tattoos with the community, as well as teaching, presenting and workshopping on the subject. In California’s S.F. Bay Area, Morpheus of Banshee Arts ( is a priest of the Morrigan, warrior and artist who has taken up the path of blood-and-ink to fill much-needed demand for capable ritual tattoo artists for the community in that region. I also have a massive devotional work done by Svetlyo at Dream Masters Custom Tattoos ( in North Beach, San Francisco; Sveltyo is an exceptional artist (though not a ritualist) from Bulgaria, who my Thracian gods selected on my behalf for Reasons.

      • Petros says:

        Thanks for the info! I actually follow Morpheus’ blog already and she’s in my area. I may have to inquire into her services one of these days.

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