“We can show them that an Other world is possible, and we can build it with them.” – Rhyd Wildermuth

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Waking up slow, with raven and coffee nagging at the edges of my attention, but just had a delightful, nodding-along read of Rhyd Wildermuth‘s expansive, brilliant commentary of some of the issues near and dear to my theological and socially inclined little heart. Well written and exceedingly balanced in execution, Rhyd captures many of my own feelings and sentiments rather well here, and says (in different words and different tones) many of the things that I have been advocating for — or at least trying to suggest — in both my formal articles at Pagan Square and ongoing verbal discourses with various polytheist colleagues, friends and allies. For your reading pleasure:

“We’ve made very difficult decisions, suspending disbelief to accept something profoundly Other.  We’ve begun to learn to speak the languages of the gods and also the language of our selves.  We know what Divine Trauma is like, we know how terrifying it can be to those who haven’t already had to remake their worlds.  We know what it’s like to walk through a gate and not be able to return to a normal life any longer, not be able ever to be satisfied with Materialist explanations and disenchantments.  We can offer our experiences to those who are afraid, perhaps terrified to give up modern and empty notions of “control.”  We can show them that an Other world is possible, and we can build it with them.”

  1. Just finished reading that myself…it’s excellent. And the name-checking there was sort of amusing to me, too! 😉

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