and what’s more, they perform sky burial most joyfully.

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

228509_10151366377054867_2139422944_nLife Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death by Bernd Heinrich

  1. Will you talk about this to Alex Mar, who wants to know about pagan funerary practices, especially sky burial? Hmm…

  2. This excerpt makes me joyful too. I think I must read that book.

    I’ve often thought that about the Corvids. Anything but grim. The one I’m closest to is a little punk – there’s really no better word for it.

    • The book is fantastic, although this one is not strictly about Corvids. (He has on or two which are.) This one is about death in the animal world(s) and is an anthology of brilliant, magical, smile-inducing insights and attributions to our crittery elders, neighbors and kin.

      Corvids, like most other things, suffer at the perceptions of human projection: we cast a cultural or personal bias upon them based not upon their own reality, or their part in objective reality, but for what they represent in our own internal realities. They remind us, as birds of carrion, of our own mortality, and in the Western world this is unacceptable and very unfortunate for the beloved punks of feathered disposition.

      But I can truly think of no more joyful (if completely dickheaded at times) animal in all the world.

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